Hello world, this is my first try using Hugo and my umpteenth time trying to use Github Pages. Maybe this time it’ll stick?

First things first, I need to get Hugo to realize that I have layouts installed in the theme, rather than under the base layouts directory. The tutorial says nothing about this - themes should just be install-and-go - but it’s obviously not working. Hmm.

Think I found a related post on a Discourse forum, but the poster seems to be imitating FFG’s Caps Lock Intern, so trying to parse if they’re having the same issue or not is proving difficult.

–Nope, doesn’t seem to be working. hmm.

For whatever reason the only solution was to copy some of the layouts from the theme to the base of the site. I’m going to assume it’s a shortcoming of the theme. Well, it’s working now.

Hello world! It was bumpy! But I’m here!